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“Prof. Paliev (1928 – 1997) plays, composes and teaches percussion instruments in a musical style that is valuable to all Europe. He develops in the others the human virtues, which matter most in the Arts.



                                                                                              Jean-Paul Vanderiche

                                                                                              A quote from the article “The great percussionists” from a French encyclopedia, called “What Do We Know About Percussion Instruments”


Prof. Ph. Dr. Dobri Paliev (1928 – 1997) was born in Pernik, Bulgaria. His performing art has created a new vision for the percussion instruments’ potentials. As a teacher himself, he has founded the Bulgarian percussion school, which enjoys a vast international acknowledgment. He had been teaching in the Conservatoires of Strasburg and Saint Sauve, France, as well as in Luxemburg, Hamburg, WurzburgGermany, ThessalonikiGreece, Russia, Poland and others.


As a composer, Prof. Paliev has left behind him a vast heritage. He has created solo percussion pieces, ensemble works, as well as movie and theatre music. He had also written a big amount of percussion instruments guiding literature.


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